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Monday, September 12, 2005

an orange revolution to a banana republic!!!!!
november 21st is the big day in kenya..
the much awaited and much vaunted referendum on the proposed draft constitution bill aptly named the wako draft ( named after the kenyan attorney general) will be held on this date.
the country is extremely polarised into two camps which have assigned fruits to represent their sides.
the yes camp led by the president...h.e emilio kibaki has a banana, while the no camp led by revolutionary turned cabinet minister ( yep he is part of kibaki's cabinet) raila odinga, has been assigned an orange!!!
these two camps have really gone to wild lengths to demonstrate their positions to the extent of villifying the two innocent fruits!!!
the no camp has aptly declare that should the country vote yes, then we will have turned our country into a "banana republic" !!! this ofcourse will require an orange revolution ....ukraine style!!
the yes camp is actually dormant though a cursory comment here and there erupts.
for instance it was reported in the daily nation that the president was offered an array of fruits while presiding over a police function..... naturally he opted for a banana and his entourage sycophantly followed suit!!
at a funeral, an assistant minister offered the mourners lots of bananas to quell their hunger...
of course the beneficiaries of this charade are the vegetable and fruit sellers who are reportedly doing brisk business in all the rallies depending on which fruit the rally identifies with..
another clever campaign tool is email and sms..
these spread like bush fire
the kikuyu are known to be vulgar...
the orange has a connotation in gikuyu which refers to twilight girls as 'gachungwa' ----this is kikuyu name for an orange.---hence the yes team refers to the no team as people of quetionable moral standing.
but the brunt of this jokes of course villifies the banana camp..
this fruit has been admonished and demonised!!!
the yes camp has been delt a huge pr blow...they cannot come up with clever campaign strategiies..all the do is issue hollow proclamation on how they are going to shake every corner of the country...... they are yet to shake off the slumber they seem to be in!!

simply put, kenyan politics is deeply tribal.....the chief protagonists have always been the kikuyus and luos.these two tribes dont see eye to eye politically. ironically they came together in 2002 to destroy the Moi-Kanu stranglehold that held kenya to ransom for close to 42 years.....

ofcourse now it appears it is a battle of kikuyu (and its offshoots..the ameru and aembu) versus the luo ( and the rest of the smaller tribe). this has of course been symbolised as a kibaki vs. raila of cheap politics!!!

well november 21 is the for me, i despise both fruits. i love barley and malt!!!
simply put i will vote for my tusker ...the top kenyan beer...u should get some//


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