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Thursday, September 22, 2005


yesteday the orange camp finally ventured in the banana territory. the venue was uhuru's backyard in thika. of course they expected banana peels litter the way to thika stadium. the ndizi goons dared them to a fight and it was really hilarious watching adults pelt each other with plastic chairs..........
this reminds me of the time when somali mps resulted to chair fights at the grand regency hotel, when they could not agree on various issues. remember most of the somali mps are warlords!!!
am sure they wished they were in somalia where they would have simply shot each other.

anyway the banana republicans were a wounded lot!!! i mean, with the beating they received in garrissa on last week, i believe they were stocking their egos and were relishing the chance to mete some revenge on the orange brigade!!

all the same, the orange brigade did put a good show in thika. they were led by tinga(a.k.a agwambo). the host was uhuru. agwambo's lackeys were not to be left behind. this time though, they were careful and they did not insult the prezzo as they normally do in nyanza!!
ofcourse had they dared then it would be a different they say, when in rome ,do as the romans do.

the banana republicans really need to re-invigorate thei campaigns. holding closed door meetings in ministries do little to spread the "gospel". they need to get out of their offices and meet the people and be ready to fight a bruising battle cos the orange brigade appears to be a well oiled machine.

on a different note, was this "bull of new york " story correct??



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