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Monday, September 26, 2005

the day after...

come nov 22, kenya will a a changed place. the politicians will live life to the fullest having accomplished their selfish interests.
should the banana camp win, the country will be governed using a document that is not only flawed, but difficult to implement.
should the orange brigade win, the country will be left with the current constitution which is fatally flawed and outdated.
in essence there is nothing to gain from both scenarios.
both camps are only interested in self preservation. they dont care about the common mwananchi. what a sad situation!!!
come nov 22 and kenya will indeed be different


  • At Monday, September 26, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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  • At Tuesday, September 27, 2005, Anonymous sleazy!!!! said…

    i feel you man!!!!
    this politicians are wolves


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