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Monday, February 06, 2006

goldenberg, anglo-leasing and related malfeasance

the daggers are out!!!! kibs has decided kila mtu na mzigo wake!!!! with anglo leasing barking at his door, he had no option but to unleash the goldenberg report. His detractors say this is but a diversionary tactic meant to deflect public attention from his biggest scandal.

all in all, corruption of whatever kind must be condemned in strongest terms possible!!!! The goldenberg scandal is by far the worse to be perpetrated by the former regime.This scandal ground our economy and messed our livelihoods!!! Anglo leasing on the other was nipped in the bud before it was fully executed. Thanx to anglo leasing, we now know what really happens to those so called security contracts!! Anglo leasing has exposed the endemic corruption that is ingrained so deeply in our system and dates way back to the 80s.

kumbe our generals have been dealing in shadowy deals that defraud the country. These well connected individual would form shadowy companys that would be awarded lucrative contracts at inflated prices!!! washindwe wezi hawa!! What business does a general have in engaging in tendering for supplier contracts of the DoD?

Its amazing to note that even retired generals engage in supply contracts to DoD. Reading Githongo's report, one is shocked at the level of involvement by our seniormost security chiefs. One thing that struck is the manner in which the complicity by the government was so forthcoming. The president, was either misled,lied to,deliberately misinformed or knew all along about these rip offs but chose to keep mum.

But to be fair to him, he was incapacitated by the accident and probably his lieutenats took advantage of the situation

The so called resource mobilisation by the chief perpetrators of anglo-leasing is a shame. What made this people so scared of raila that the had to loot the economy in order to prepare for an election ( immediately after an election!!) this railaphobia will surely consume them. One must note that engaging in corrution, will always lead to one's downfall.

atleast the money that was to paid to anglo leasing was refunded and the scam exposed before ripping us off. As for goldenberg, the billions are lost for good!! what a shame? the government should make sure all those involved in any manner in both scams are brought to justice.

finally, the government should as a matter of urgeny perform a comprehensive audit of all security related contracts - both the current and the past. This is one area that appears to be a lucrative avenue for these fraudsters who hide under the guise of "sensitive security tenders". the auditor general should be mandated to carry out the audit while KACC should as a matter of urgency institute criminal proceedings against all those who are implicated in the scams.


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