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Friday, January 06, 2006

sean, valentine and kwach al

CAPITALfm has decide to do away with sean cardovillis... what a shame!!!
the dude was the voice of sports radio in kenya!! i for sure will miss him on his show!
the station has reportedly recruited some new presenter!!.
i have only one word for DJCK..........there is only one sean, and on this one, u have surely lost a dedicated fan base which relied on sean's prowess in making saturday sports interesting.

EASYFM on the other hand sacked valentine!! POOR girl, she simply didn't have it. I tend to think though that this was long overdue!!! good move EASYfm. huyo msichana alikuwa na kelele nyingi!! lakini i have one question u?? when are you going to give us a totally new voice?? its like you dont believe other people have voices!! c'mon try out some fresh young talent.....just like u did with Talia, and boy didn't she turn out rather well.

KISSfm, not to be left behind fired the ultimate JJJ (Jaluo Jinga Jeuri). Now this is such a lame move...the dude was the bomb!! . Kwach the way, methinks its time KISS did away with this carol - nyambane brekfast crap!!!! its boriiiiiiiiing!!!. To be fair to you, the albert - angela show is good, keep it up. atleast you believe in homegrown talent

wale ambayo sijawataja, pull up your socks, or is it stations!!!!

by the way, capitalfm is becoming rather boring with all these foreign presenters... yani chris has no belief in local talent??? anyway being who he is ( old dude trying to find the fountain of youth,) am not surprised.

did someone say YAWN fm, iko kurara............?


check Kenya travel advisory from the US state dept!!! These people are simply ludicrous!! ati americans should be careful of suicide bombers and kidnappers in kenya!!!! what aload of crap and b.s this is!!!! we rank top of the list!! thats right people, apparently kenya is even more dangerous than IRAQ and SOMALIA!!!!

at times one gets the feeling that The US Gov. is bent on crippling our economy given that we really are not so dependent of their IMF and WORLD BANK!!. Right there is no country in africa that has matured democratically like Kenya. I mean ours is africa's only coalition government - albeit a fighting coaliting!! therefore great kenyans, when the US GOV lacks the moral ground to lecture us on governance and democracy, they label us terrorists!!!! washidwe hawa pumbavu!!


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