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Thursday, October 06, 2005

prezzo's palace

in a weird case of sycophancy, the gava has decided that the prezzo needs a palace. who told these goons that kibs will be around forever!!!!!
people are dying in ukambani and all these' pumbavu' leaders can think of is ways of defrauding the kenyan tax payer..

u know i have actually come to the realisation that we ( the kawaida citizens) will lose the most in this constitution debacle.
the old constitution is wack!!! and so is the proposed one!!!

why should we pass a document that will make it difficult for anyone to amend it in future??
this wako draft is wack to me and so is the current one!!! what do we do??
after 15 years of making it we end up with a flawed piece.
the so called 10% that makes it bad is simply the heart of it
so my dear kenyans... lets reject it but at a price!!!
the current one is simply outdated and needs to be overhauled, period.

back to the palace shit,,, the prezzo should simply say no and instead order that money to be channelled to useful endeavours tha benefit the mwananchi...
its so depressing.
at times i get the feeling that kibs is not aware of what his pumbavu leaders are up to!!!
wake up sir???


  • At Friday, October 21, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I agree with the notion that we MUST not approve of a document which will be more costly to make it right. Its more depressing to think that as a country,our leadership is always keen in doing things so as to fight fires to make it right. In the process of making ammends, alot of money will be spent unneccesarily leaving the economy crippling further into oblivion! What happened to posterity? The way i see it, Kenyans(the masses) need to learn from the present situation and hopefully make wise decisons not to be hoodwinked into accepting the will of a few selfish elite!
    The process of enacting a law that will be respected and adhered by the entire country needs to have legitimacy(the mandate&goodwill of the people which it will govern) and not a divided Nation!It will simply not work even if a simple majority pass it or reject it! At the moment, it is a battler between two political camps as opposed to a


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