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Thursday, December 15, 2005

kibs kitchen cabinet

kibs has finally unveilled his much awaited cabinet. i must say it was somewhat anticlimatic.
what with the way the country was put on edge for a fortnight hoping for some bold appointments!!!

one must admit though that kibs was in a tight corner and he really was a wounded man. firing the LDP brigade was expecteced but so was the hardline wing of the banana camp. seeing that many of the former ministers had made a career of being waziri, i wonder how they are faring now that the trappings of power have been taken away.

as for now all they can do is chest thump and try to cause as much mischief for the next 2 years, so as to remain visible till 2007. good luck to them as it appears like kibs aint goin nowhere till 2007.

am a bit curoius though, who gave the orange team this so called people's mandate to govern simply because they "won" the referendum?? stop whining and accept that u have been duped conned or whatever it is you feel!!!


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