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Sunday, October 23, 2005

pumbavu !!!!!

our pumbavu leaders were at it again. listening to agwambo tearing at the draft made me think that indeed prezzo is right in calling these so called leaders "pumbavu"...
kiraitu as usual goofed when he opened his mouth. i mean he dared threaten man toro ati atapoteza pension yake!!! jeez where did this guy fall from???
murungaru was at it making fake promises to gullible people ati they will be provided with planes to export their kangeta ( that's miraa!!!!) to europe. what a load of crap and bullshit!!!

the gava as usual resorted to time tested tricks to woo voters - by giving handouts. the people were conned ati wanapewa mashamba. in the first place the land belonged to them. downgrading a national park to a national reserve was a flat and open bribe. telling people to either vote in the draft constitution or be stuck with the current one smacks of imperialistic chauvinism!!!

to hell with these pumbavu leaders!!!!!


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