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Sunday, January 08, 2006

2007 prezzo

kalonzo musyoka has launched his presidential campaign fundraising vehicle in the name of a foundation!!!!
dude, FOUNDATIONS come after ones career is over.methinks kalonzo is jumping the gun. i mean who on earth heard of a presidential aspirant launch one even before he is elected???? yani hata kibs with all his aloofness knows that he will need a foundation AFTER...(i emphasize.. after!!!!) he is evicted from the house on the hill.
kalonzo is surely excited simply because he was recently polled by steadman as a leading popular politician.
on the same front, kibaki might as well rate himself as having an confidence rating of 43%!!!
taking into account the plebiscite results.
kalonzo, raila, uhuru , ruto et al, have a combined confidence of 57%
therefore their individual ratings are simply about10% each.........
so kalonzo should really not let a simple unverified claim go into his head
in kenya politics, popularity is very fickle and fluid.
it could go either way


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