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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

what a shame..

According to the daily nation, the gava is trying to delay the wheels of justice, by instituting a fresh probe into the goldenberg scandal!!!.. what a load of crap!! why should the CID conduct fresh investigations yet theBosire Inquiry has gotten to the root of the scam?? shame on them!! washindwe!!

Delaying the process will not shield and save the chief perpetrators... so akina saitoti should simply rersign and be subjected to the courtsd to answer charges of wrong doing against our motherland. Pattni should be made to repay back all he fleeced from our coffers. While i dont advocate for the retired president to be arraigned in court, i think he should issue a comprehensive statement through a reputable lawyer ( not that mutula kilonzo fella!!) on what he knew of the scandal.

On anglo fleecing, all those involved, i.e Kiraitu, murungaru, alfie getonga, mwiraria, muthaura and the VP, should be arraigned in in court and charged with high level corruption!!! There are no sacred cows, period!!!! the president said that himself.


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