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Monday, February 13, 2006

the power of the youth

Take a moment and ponder this think about what we the young can do for kenya
and not what kenya can do for us

Over 4million young men and women are waiting to be issued with the ID Cards,
this number and the ones who already have the ID's and electors cards can make a
difference, let's make year 2007 & 2012 the years when kenyan youths who have
not been corrupted by the system, are elected to the leadership of this country.

Young Kenyans Arise!

Are you below the age of 45 years? Then you are young!
Do you love your country Kenya? Do you think you have a stake in the
happenings in the country Kenya? Does the future of our beloved country
mean anything to you?

Think for a moment: if you are 45 and below - to reach Mwai's age you have
at least 30 more years to live! Do you want the group that calls itself
leaders in this country to chart your future for you? Or do you want to
be part of the change that is necessary to build this country?

Let us sample a few : this is not about tribal chiefs and their kingdoms -
for our progressive future requires that we grow up and shed the tribal
and regional glasses and think as a nation and tap on our potential-
while appreciating our diversity which must be celebrated as opposed to
being used to divide us.
Kalonzo Musyoka : a member of Moi government as cabinet Minister for over
20 years! The Nyayo torture chambers were run - we all knew about them
while he was a senior member of the government that was torturing its
own people. We never had his voice! What makes him a spokesman of the
down trodden?? Under NARC he oversaw the plunder in funds misuse at the
Ministries for 3 years- see local dailies for details. He quit the
government in June 2002 since he knew there was no way KANU was
going to win the election- a selfish move. He was a Part of the ODM last
year -if he is Mr. clean where did he and his colleagues get the money for
the NO campaign. One of the directors of Kalonzo foundation is Renzo
Barnade who is a partner with Lee Nyachae at Kenya Bunduki- the Nyachae's are
Known to work closely with Aura Perera- the NARC regime Kamlesh Patni- Young
Kenyan the conclusion is yours.
William Ruto : A senior member of the amorphous group called Youth for
KANU 92. It is common knowledge the plunder this group of young thugs
did to our Country Kenya during the early 90's- being young does not
mean the same thing as integrity! It made him an overnight millionaire!!!
Could he say what honest job he did, where and when to amass the wealth he
has? Do we want a leader who have grabbed properties to leads us to
destruction? He was a member of the MOI repressive regime until the end. IF he
is Mr.clean shouldn't he answer three simple questions - who funded the
YK92-where are the audited accounts, who funded the referendum
campaign, what made him a savior after being part of regime that tortured
Kenyans who spoke their minds?
Uhuru Kenyatta : Young Kenyan with a bright future . His family owns
250,000 acres of land in Kenya - this is equivalent to the area covered
by Nyanza province. In free market economy this could be acceptable
save for the fact that we all know that this was stolen from the Kenyan
people by his father! In a country where 60% live below the poverty line a
dollar a day - he should be ashamed when he stands before us and tells us
about prosperity of our Nation and Our rights! 80% of Taveta residents
are squatters in his family land = 40,000 acres. SHAME ON YOU UHURU FOR
Otieno Kajwang- he has been struck from the role of Advocates in
Kenya for stealing client's money- how can he possibly talk to us about good
governance and ethics while he is a thief himself? Case of log in your eye..........................
Raila Odinga - 7 political parties in a period of less 10 years
Means the man believes in nothing. It was all about what is in this for me-
Kibaki Tosha call was an own stomach call since he knew the history of the
man- he was in the government that detained him for 12 years. Before my
Luo brothers lynch me I would like them to consider this issues
Seriously for the first time - what benefit does a man derive by following
Another blindly to a non defined destination? Would it not be more profitable,
If we were all to take responsibility for our lives? The future is in our
hands! Luo thrift, Kisumu Molasses Plant, Supply of Bitumen to the
GOK, highest spending Ministry on luxury Cars was his, did all Luo Nyanza MPs
bribe their way to parliament?
Mwai Kibaki- a member of the government for 40 years - see no evil hear no
evil let no evil enter into your mind! Until an opportunity occurs for you
to ascend to the top seat for the sole purpose of sitting on that seat!
Kenyans were fools to imagine that a man who had been in the system for 40
years could cause any change- he knows no difference.
Mwiraria/ Murungi - the arrogance of power and the ANGLO FLEECING SAGA
whether real or imagined speaks for itself. A LAST Deal might have been
done on Tuesday 31st February to supply Radio communication equipment by
the famous Kamani Group- worth 2.6 billion!

Mukisa Kituyi - there is a rumour that the man owns a helicopter after
only 3 years of being a minister. Period to the run up to the 2002 election, it is rumoured that he owned very little!
Ole Ntimama - the tribal chief- remember the "lie low like an envelope"
remark that caused death of several Kenyans in what was called tribal clashes- turned spokesman of the people! HOW?
I do not need to go further in analyzing them. It points to a need to completely change our political clothing for this country to change the direction we are taking. There is nothing special about all this characters and we need to send them packing whenever the elections are called. Let us spread word that there is need for complete overhaul Of The elected leaders.
LET US VOTE OUT ALL THE 220 MPs currently in the August house! Let us
refuse the bribery during the campaign period - we are 73% of the
population and must answer to our Children what we did to make their lives better!!


  • At Tuesday, February 14, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    We are coming for you unless you stop this dirty politics!

  • At Tuesday, February 14, 2006, Anonymous kritik said…

    anonymous, am really amused by ur cheap
    but fickle attempt to grouch...
    thanx all the same

  • At Saturday, February 18, 2006, Blogger Joseph Walking said…

    good now lets pass the message

  • At Tuesday, April 04, 2006, Blogger Girl next door said…

    I read this post through another link some time ago so I've finally fikad your blog. I applaud you for bringing up so many valid points! Looking at the leaders who are supposed to represent us brings a mix of frustration, amusement, and sadly, despair. I recently wrote about youth being sidelined in Kenya and I echo the same views you've expressed.


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