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Friday, February 10, 2006

Why Mwiraria resigned

Mwiraria did not resign specifically because of the pressure of Anglo-Leasing, a senior government official in the VP office has confirmed.

Friday, last week the United States government wrote to the Prezzy and copied the letter to Mwiraria warning that unless the Finance minister resigned or was sacked the US would not grant him a Visa to attend a high profile donors meeting (IMF and World Bank)in Washington DC.

Monday morning the letters were delivered. Tuesday evening after the World bank underlined their pressure to withhold money and not deal with Mwiraria President kibaki and his men sense the seriousness of the issue, so Kibaki summons them to State house for an evening meeting.

the meeting discussed among other things options out for Mwiraria, but it was agreed he had to leave the treasury to avoid embarrassment by the US government via a publicly communicated Visa denial.

Tuesday no conclusions, so Wednesday morning, Kiraitu, Mwiraria the VP and Muthaura gather at State House again, and the option of a minor cabinet reshuffle is considered but that too was dismissed as a poor strategy.

Mutahi Ngunyi, who has been a key advisor of the government since leaving the nation is summoned for his intriguing options and he suggests the sacrifice principle, quoting an incident when Moi had to sack Biwott and even jail him over the Ouko report to cool down tempers and then release him and make him a powerful minister after the public had forgotten.
Everyone in attendance agrees, but questions emerge over repercussions of the resignation to the rest who are caught up in the Anglo-Leasing issue.

At that point the Mutahi says that they should follow up the resignation with the release of the Goldenberg report, which just happened this morning.

With that a call is made to DP headquarters to have a press conference at 12.00pm demanding the resignation of Mwiraria, at 1: 30 after the lunchtime news the press release circulates that Mwiraria has a press Conference....then the guy resigns, more out of donor pressure, a visa hitch embarrassment scenario rather than to pave way for investigations.

The rest are to stay put to the end.the meeting speeches on the matter.However Thursday morning, the VP is summoned to State House again this time for a brief that he has to defend himself, stare at the Camera's and argue that Immigration department has a new minister so you cannot interfere with investigations, cancel the cabinet meeting earlier called by Muthaura to ensure the divisions on Anglo-Leasing do not permeate the level till it sorted out.

And that is why Mwiraria quit, like the lamb that was sacrificed to enable the exodus was Mwiraria....


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