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Monday, February 27, 2006

we are the champions..

finally after two years bila silverware, ManUtd ran riot jana and whipped a shocked wigan outfit to
win the Carling cup. long regarded as a trophy of no real meaning, the carling cup has proved important
to Man Utd because most of our stars had really not tested cup glory with united. Talk of Wayne *boy wonder" Rooney, Christiano Ronaldo, Louis Saha, Edwin Van de sar,
Kieran Richardson and a host more.
The win was crucial . now that we are back to winning ways, better times lie ahead. It was also good to see the Glazers finally get some trophy for
their investment in United.
On other fronts, it was good seeing Giggs receive his 16th!! (wow!!) winners medal in his illustrious career at united. Finally it was beautiful for Sir Alex to bag his 20th trophy for united. He is now the most decorated Manager in the UK and indeed the whole
world!! Talk of a legend!!
Long Live United!!!!

Typical of the gooners, the school boys were bullyied into submission by that physical monster called Blackburn. Maze the school boys thot ati it will be another P.E session. Yenyewe rovers are simply a team that is tops with their physical game. Hawa watu wanacheza game rough!!
yani arsenal were still high from that fluke of a win over REAL??? by all means, REal's form this season is just like Arsenal's!!!
the are both struggling hence that match was really a duel between two worn out bulls (cow may be appopriate actually!!)
going through the log, its amazing to see Arsenal Languishing behind Bolton, Blackburn and Spurs!!!West Ham have a game in hand, should they win, they will leapfrog the gooners!!!! ha ha ha..imagine the gooners in 8th position???
yani they will also not feature in UEFA cup? what a bunch of sore losers!!!!

I bet all the scousers out there are really elated at the prospect of being level on points with United!!! Yea...enjoy the moment for as ya'll know, it wount last!! beating a 10 man Mancity is by no means an easy task for the scousers!!! must have been their toughest!!! ha ha... listening to their reaction after man utd managed not to win in their tie ( manutd neva lose, they simply manage not to win!!)
one would be forgiven for thinking ati liverfool has won the world cup!!! they simply could not believe it and had to camp in their stadium for a whole hour after the game, waiting for the non-existent trophy!!! Manutd was long gone by then. yani hawa liverfools waliogopa kutoka nje ya stadi!!!
nway its expected of scousers to be in shock whenever they meet the mighty UNited.

Finally the russian puppets overcame (wow what an achievement!!) sorry pompey. i got no comment for hawa watu wa footie anglofleecing. As usual, their coach came out to give flimsy excuses when his muppets were twangad by the mighty BARCA!!!!
Clearly the difference in class between Eto'o and Drogba was evident in that match. Jose was busy complaining ati walishindwa sababu ya ref na kadhalika. yani this coach will neva accept defeat especially from a big team?? Anyway we now know which of the two teams is superior. Kwanza chelsea had deliberately waterlogged hiyo shamba yao hoping to
gain some advantage. wacha waende huko NOu Camp, they will really have a good lesson on professional footie.

so all in all ManUtd are tops having won the first trophy of the season, The scousers as usual are in dreamland, the gooners are yet to figure out what hit them and the chelski muppets as usual resulted to underhand tactics (hawajui ball, bite me, i said it!!)
Oh by the way, Our next match is against WIGAN!!!!
need i say more???


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