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Thursday, March 02, 2006

what a firking shame!!!!!! pumbavu hawa...

the firkin gava has done it !!!!!!! how on earth???what did michuki think ???that by raiding ktn/standard, he wud be be doing good to the govt???
how on earth is the firkin CID boss supposed to investigate crimes when he himself is committing crimes???
who the firk cannot not see the folly of it all. hawa yenyewe wamekuwa pumbavu wa hali ya juu!!! washidwe!!!
methinks the CID in conjuction with the NSIS pangad the raid without the prezzo's knowledge!! I bet Kibs aliamka asubuhi na pia he was shocked to miss his copy of the standard.
fine, yenyewe standard goofed by publishing useless allegations which had no credible foundation. he allegations were injurious to the prezzo, lakini that was no excuse for this shit!!!!
why on earth would a whole PPO not be in the know with regard to the raid???
are these the same people who are supposed to protect us from muggers, carjackers, thugs and other criminals????
yenyewe this is the last straw in Kibs tenure. As sad as i hate to admit this, he is so unreelectable......that come 2007, he had better retire quietly to Othaya.
No matter his shortcomings, MOI NEVER EVER, sanctioned a raid on a media house!!!
kenyans must guard our fundamental freedoms (freedom of the press being one of them)
we must never let such a situation unfold again!!!
even if its an issue of flexing your muscles, i dont think a raid is an appopriate avenue to vent your anger.
poor standard/ktn....they were doing so well now the gava has made them suffer irreparable damages in terms of credibility and finances....
lakini from that ash of destruction will rise a bold and authoritative media house that
will take on all social ills...including a government's crime against its own people!!!!
lets arise and vote out this pumbavu gava!!!!!


  • At Thursday, March 02, 2006, Blogger Acolyte said…

    I feel you on this 120% on my blog I too said that Moi even at his worst never did something as blatant as this!The cat is already out of the bag so it is too late to attempt to muzzle the press.I was also thinking the same as you, who was policing the city as policemen herded Standard employees and held them hostage as they vandalised the presses and burned papers.An old workmate who is now with the standard had to go in at 6 am to redo the layout as his comp had been destroyed.I believe if Michuki had a point to make he should have used the correct channels to do so.And where was Kibaki as all this was happening?Listening to one man guitar and dozing in state house.This government must be voted out ASAP!

  • At Friday, March 03, 2006, Blogger Poi said…

    That was JUST WRONG!!!!!!!!

  • At Wednesday, March 08, 2006, Blogger kritik said…

    well guyz it simply leaves alot to be desired. the basic tenets of justice demand that the rule of law be upheld at all times. the government is not above the law!


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