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Thursday, April 27, 2006

MPs are just but thieves!!!!!!!

Parliament is indeed a house of thieves!!!
The (dis)honourable members blackmailed the govt into increasing
their mileage allowance by well over 100% !!
to add insult ot injury, they voted to backdate the mileage claims
to july 2005!!! this means that each (dis)honourable member will walk away
with close to Sh890,000 arrears, costing the country an initial Sh198 million.

All MPs used to get a flat rate of Sh247,000 for the first 350 kilometres and thereafter Sh82 for each additional kilometre.
Now they will receive from between Sh150 a kilometre.
This is blantant robbery and an insult to the people of Kenya! apparently
Finance minister Amos Kimunya at first offered to link MPs to the AA rates as a compromise but this was rejected.
He then refused to agree to their demands but flew out of the country for the United States ... and the deal was hurriedly sealed in his absence.

Why did the financial secretary (who is actually the accounting officer in the treasury and not the PS, contrary to what many think is the case)
accede to this blackmail?
Granted the govt was in a tight spot with regard to the supplementary estimates that it wanted approved by the house.
The money was meant to finance Government operations until the next Budget in June.
This is no reason for parliament to blackmail the govt.

At first the members boycotted sittings ostensibly to block passage of the "mini budget"
because it did not factor in revised CDF estimates!!!
they were demanding the CDF allocations to be tripled to about KES 21B from the the current KES 7B.
Other MPs said they were opposing the mini-Budget because of the inclusion of allowances of ministers and their assistants in the National Assembly kitty, some of their colleagues said they wanted the allowances increased.
What a load of crap!!!!
Kumbe all they wanted was a major revision of their mileage claims!!!
thieves!! thieves!!! thieves!!!! wezi hawa!! bure kabisa, pumbavu!! mavi ya kuku!!! hawa wezi!!! shindwe pepo mbaya!!!

yani they blackmailed the govt till On Tuesday, the Government shelved plans to pay ministerial allowances from the vote of the National Assembly.
It amended the Order Paper seeking to reassign Sh325.4 million from the Budget of the National Assembly to the Directorate of Personnel Management in the Office of the President.

yani hawa watu hawatosheki!!!!!
sample this...
Under their mileage allowance – renamed Vehicle Fixed Cost in December 2004 – each MP within a radius of 350 kilometres from Nairobi takes home Sh247,000. Nairobi MPs who were previously excluded from the mileage of Sh195,000 on the ground that they hardly travelled because their constituencies were in the city also benefited from the new deal. MPs' salaries and allowances amount to slightly more than Sh600,000 each month. They are also given Sh3.3 million as a car-purchase allowance, a mortgage of about Sh10 million, a medical allowance and now CDF where the least a constituency can receive is Sh26 million and the highest Sh43 million, depending on its population and poverty levels. The President gets a salary of Sh2 million, while Cabinet Ministers salaries are about Sh1 million after their responsibility and househelp allowances were increased to Sh250,000. Proposals to build constituency offices and give MPs Sh80,000 to hire staff were also on the pipeline!!!!

thieves thieves thieves!!!!! pumbavu nyinyi nyote!!

I sure hope when kimunya jets back home, he is not only going to
reverse what the blackmail, but make sure that this does not happen again!!!
Jeez!!! who is going to save our poor taxes from this house of thieves!!!!

Not content with robbing the mwananchi, Bunge had the temerity to castigate
Citizen radio and specifically one waweru mburu!!
Waweru simply highlighted the robbery that parliament is propagating against kenyans!!
yani these thieves are quick to gang-up whenever their interests (mostly financial) are
on stake!! they also gang up whenever anyone tries to highlight the ills committwed by them against kenyans!!!!

pumbavu nyinyi mavi ya kuku!!!!!!

With the ongoing interpol operation, MPs cars are being spared in the swoop!!!
Maaa ngai... they must be the luckiest pigs!!! remember "the animal farm" ????? Wote ni wezi na pumbavu!!!

Other characters like newbie kid AHENDA have taken to trivialising serious issues like the sexual offences bill!!! Huyu jamaa amechizi!!! Mnaona ubaya ya kutegemea Agwambo???
There was also an attempt to shelve the bill and instead discuss the CDF increment!!!
yani hawa wezi hawatosheki!!!!


shidwe pepo mbaya... to all members......PUMBAVU NYINYI!!!!!


speaking of wezi.....the above post is largely kazi ya wezi kutoka nation. so dont go blaming me!!!
am just pissed at the mps for the fucking shit they all are!!!


  • At Thursday, April 27, 2006, Blogger Shiroh said…


    And those oxymorons (insert your word of abuse here) are just THIEVES. YES THEY ARE

  • At Thursday, April 27, 2006, Blogger Shiroh said…

    AND THAT 247000 FOR 350 KM is surreal. You know that is not coasto one way. Can you confirm the figures?

  • At Thursday, April 27, 2006, Blogger Jay said…

    You know, Waweru Mburu is the only person with the balls to say out loud what the rest of the country is thinking.

    (God forgive me) I think maybe Usamah might consider taking up a private contract. If all Kenyans toa a bob we can be rid of these devils for ever.

  • At Thursday, April 27, 2006, Blogger AK said…

    YeaH! The creepy thugs!

    Ms K, I am in for any project to rid our country of those insects.

  • At Thursday, April 27, 2006, Blogger kipepeo said…

    I'm with miss k! great post kritik...stole some your brilliant words for my post...hehe!! i learnt the art of stealing from my leaders. what can i say?

  • At Thursday, April 27, 2006, Blogger Kabinti said…

    You couldn't have said it any LOUDER and clearer. I hope Kenyans are observing this with the next elections in mind.

  • At Thursday, April 27, 2006, Blogger Msanii_XL said…

    Ridiculous is the word..appropriate for the action that the devil spawn has chose to undertake..and the nerve to backdate it?...arghhhh

  • At Thursday, April 27, 2006, Blogger Couch 'tato said…

    ma ma ma when i grow up or leave the couch i wanna become an MP!!!!!

  • At Friday, April 28, 2006, Blogger KenyanMusings said…

    Ma I am feeling you....(hata kama I see you trying tyo spread rumors hapo on my blog pepo mbaya wewe!),

    Yaani, I have got to the point where you know, you can send all the vile insults you know to those MP's, stibky ass ma****ers, but it would never be enough, because you have to be a total ass, to make such selfish decisions over and over again, back date them (did you believe that aki?) as the country slinks further into poverty and general desparation. WTF!!! I mean, seriously, WT bloody F?!
    I have no words for those mai's, so all I can say is that the greater forces, karma, what goes around comes around will do them justice on behalf of the Kenyans, because it has fikad the point where while we all knew they reason through their matakos, they have just confirmed it.

    **KM, composes herslf**
    Sasa lakini? How U be?

  • At Friday, April 28, 2006, Blogger pesa tu said…

    Come on am tired of all this negativity.
    Yes, it is bad but what r u doing about it?
    Talking wont eradicate poverty.

  • At Saturday, April 29, 2006, Blogger Acolyte said…

    These bastards are going to take every opportunity to rob the nation blind!At this point what can we do?

  • At Thursday, May 18, 2006, Blogger Man143Steph637 said…

    If he was to be believed, William Ruto told us before Valentine's day to storm parliament and demand it to be opened by the President ostensibly because there were many important bills which had to be discussed including the issue of famine, constitution, sexual offenses etc. Coming back what do they do? They blackmail the government into increasing their already obscene emoluments ostensibly to maintain their lifestyles which they feel have taken a hit due to the recent fuel increases. WHAT! Excuse me we all have lifestyles which we are having to give up as a result of the inflationary fuel prices. What are we supposed to do about it since we do not have recourse to the national coffers like these fools do. Who should be expected to make adjustments if it is not these overpaid, overfed, lazy gluttons? The mama mboga does not have a 10 millions shilling cover and a 3 million car allowance and a tax free 500,000 shilling salary and she is making adjustments. Why can't these weasels do the same? The inconsiderate hyenas are doing this without fear because after all they made sure they threw out the Recall clause from the proposed draft constitution after blackmailing the commissioners by telling them that a draft containing the clause would not pass parliament.

    I support Mburu in saying if these 200 plus hynas perished tomorrow no one would miss them!

  • At Monday, August 31, 2009, Blogger milf said…

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    ... 只是通过在城市乘公交车往返我储蓄过来 $ 5000/yr 与我的以前的汽车,吉普车切诺基相比。超过 5 年,会是 $ 更不用说会进一步增强我的储蓄的最近的比率远足的 20K。这样除非你是在你的父母的地产上吸的一个浪费的儿子,你的声明是一束公牛。

  • At Monday, August 31, 2009, Blogger milf said…

    3. 45 (90 r/t)
    45mpg 天是 2 我的车上> 8 加>>比。那每天是 6 >仑的一笔>蓄, 120 月, 1440 每年者 5040 (根 3.5 元/) ... 加上它发表 1/10th CO2。多愚蠢是它不要骑一个,去算进今天和年龄。
    4.缺少了解 ... 是真的,实际上我个人这样那样喜欢它我可能享受所有鼓励;税,合伙用车,免费停车米, prius 业主之间的秘密的信号,等等;这样自私地说那我真地在那里在享受在所有气体汽车业主上的所有权那没有一个想法多少我这辆汽车有的嬉戏。我 junked 我的 SL,郊区对我的 Prius ... 你应该也。


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