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Monday, April 03, 2006

the dogs of war...

Politicians are simply an amazing but rotten bunch!!!
I will start with the theatre of the absurd. One fidelis "kangumu" gumo
has joined the bandwagon!! he has declared for all and sundry that he will be
vieing for the presidency come 2007!! this is not only laughable,
but as unbankable and unreliable as the other wannabe contenders.....
u know the ruto, balala etc and their ilk?

why may i ask would a smoking gun like gumo decide to throw his hat in what is turning to
be a circus of the absurd?? all the same good luck to him.

As the say, in politics there are no permanent friends or enemies.
last week, steadman published yet again their opinion poll on likely prezzo candidates
for 2007. The poll caused some interesting reactions from differnt sections.
first and foremost, Agwambo. Yani Raila was so incesed at the poll, that as usual he dismissed it outrightly!! the sad bit is that LDP's blue eyed boy - kalonzo has been consistently polled as the favourite. Raila was at his element dismissing the poll as inconsequential. he even claimed ati kalonzo was simply ahead cos of his boyish looks!! what sore loser!
deep down, it galls raila on two fronts.

First is the fact that despite how much, he disparages kibaki, he will always be less appealling nationally as compared to kibaki. No need to argue this one out.

Secondly, a curious observation was that kalonzo is actually more popular and electable in NYANZA!!! Nyanza is supposed to be raila's bedrock and backyard!!!
Raila must have felt a "kiwaru" seeing that he is afterall human!!! I foresee a major fallout
within the LDP and ODM. I have expressed before that Raila is ODM/LDP!!!
nobody other than Raila calls the shots in ODM/LDP. And i dont think Raila will be foolish again and play kingmaker!!!
Hatasema "tosha" not unless its "tinga tosha!!"

Kalonzo is indeed a clever one. He chose to ignore the hullabaloo brought about by the poll. His minions lead by one daudi mwanzia however did the dirty work. they
proclaimed ati its their time to take charge!!! This will be the bunch that will propagate
the ODM/LDP fallout.

Poll or no poll, kenyans are ethnic and tribal and no matter how hard we try to hide it, 2007 is bound to be a bruising year!! I dont think ODM will last. They will fail to present
a single candidate and this might actually help propel kibaki back to state house.
Raila is aware of the imminent fallout and he actually said as much over the the way, when i say kenyans are tribal, better believe it.

or instance last week when out athletes jetted back from melbourne,
certain politicians were on hand to receive them. curiousy though, we extend tribe into our sports, for only kale and kikuyu mps were at the airport!!
there was ruto, betty tett, kamanda etc!!!
by the way, have you ever heard raila or kalonzo congratulate our athletes? they never do...
i bet if there were kamba medallists, kalonzo and his minions would have been at the airport!!!
same analogy applies to raila......
as for kiuks, u will neva spot a kikuyu mp in city stadium, kasarani or nyayo stadium whenever harambee stars is playing
Sunday, Raila tried to twist conjestina's loss to that american grandma.....nonetheless, the twist failed to acquire a political angle and raila eventually compared the loss to football and rigging.
i guess he was looking for an opportunity to blame kibaki!!
our country is just firking tribal!!!!! no need to bury our heads in the sand and pretend otherwise!!

Raila is still deeply engrossed and intrigued by Kibaki. On sunday while addressing his constituents in kibera, He had the balls ati to summon Kibaki as the MP for Othaya to Bunge, ostensibly to answer to the PAC allegations about his complicity in the anglo-leasing affair.
Raila must surely realise that Kibaki's mandate is divine and supreme!!we the people gave Kibaki that mandate. He should stop dragging the president's name in every little scheme he lays to further his loose political games!
granted Kibaki can do alot better, but i dont think when we elected him, we put a rider on his term and appointed raila and co. as the guardians of that mandate!!
so much for tinga.

Now, a new sycophant was elected to the house recently. One paddy ahenda, in his maiden speech to the august house, chose to play the tribal blame game. He blubbered on how ati minutes of the education ministry's meetings are written in kikuyu!! The guy actully doesnt know that we got a new minister, and he aint from central!!! this was ofcourse not to the benefit of the people of kasipul kabondo, rather it was to please his master - raila.
like a dog intent on pleasing its master, ahenda rambled on, dwelling on trivial
and petty issues much to the chagrin of the house but to the delight of raila and his odm brigade...
A new kid has indeed been baptised in the name of ODM!! shame on you ahenda!!

Elsewhere, ruto was in his element. First he dismissed the steadman poll as being unrepresentative of the true picture. Ironically, he then commended himself for finally making an appearance in the poll and promised to improve his ratings in the next one!!! what a load of bull crap!!
That was not the last of him, he was at it again, this time railing former president Moi. Moi has apparently constituted a council of advisers for the Kalenjin and greater rift valley community. Ruto was obvoiusly left out and this irked him. He dismissed the council as a tribal outfit (which it is anyway...). He then avered ati he is inclined nationally rather than regionally.

yea right, ruto??? national leader?? i dont think so!!!

here are some peolpe who should neva eva!! dream of leading this country. characters like ruto, mwenje,balala, gumo,kiraitu, ngilu, kombo etc
They might as well vie for the siberian presidency! they are simply unelectable and they dont
command considerable numbers!
The really credible candidates in my opinion are kibaki, kalonzo, uhuru, mudavadi and saitoti. they somehow appeal nationally and they do have the required numbers. I know one might dispute Uhuru. but other than Kibaki, the kiuks will vote uhuru to a man!!!
you see unlike raila who kills the political ambitions of some very brilliant luo leaders - read orengo, ochuodho and donde,
Kiuks neva sacrifice national ambitions at the altar of individual gain!

Despite his political clout Raila cannot muster a bankable and sizeable majority to foister his presidential ambitions. He is too radical and abrasive. he is bound to arouse antagonism. he knows this very well and thats why he has always been at the forefront of agitating
for a parliamentary system which would offer him the premiership. seize power by the backdoor...........

I therefore foresee a four way battle in 2007. KIbaki, raila, uhuru and kalonzo will definetly battle it out. As for mudavadi and saitoti, the jury
is out on whether they would actually contest!!


  • At Monday, April 03, 2006, Blogger Poll said…

    Hello !

    Nice blog !



  • At Monday, April 03, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    kritique think it was steadman playing a proper fool's day joke on this politicians ...but it looks like you are not the type to be easily fooled politically, unless it happened to you this past fools day.

  • At Monday, April 03, 2006, Anonymous instigator said…

    Even in death I still live!I like the way that you came out with most of your points and yes whether we like it or not thanks to our politicians we are still too tribal.But my guy you don't know tribalism till you come out here!But yes the 2007 election should be blistering since every Ojwang,Rono,Mutiso and Kamau wants to throw their hat in the ring!

  • At Tuesday, April 04, 2006, Blogger Shiroh said…

    You are at it again my dear. You ooze brilliance in your posts.

    I have studied Raila and his politics

    He thought he had destroyed Kibaki by hitting at his men. Kibaki sacked them. Now he is hitting at Kibaki. I think he will suffer desperation to angusha Kibs.

    That Steadman poll, kwani who do they interview. I have never heard anyone who has been interviewed!

  • At Wednesday, April 05, 2006, Blogger kritik said…

    guyz, raila is simply aliar!!! (RAILA=ALIAR)
    reading the monday piece by kwamchetsi makokha, i was blown away by his concise
    analysis of how raila and his odm brigade are perpetuating lie about kibaki. the tide though is shifting and in the near future the public will realise what a sore loser and liar he is!!
    anony...fools day or not, i have never been hoodwinked or charmed by our silly politicos. they are simply too plain.

    instigator..the bandwagon has stalled. yani they cant agree on a formula to nominate their candidate!! raila wants a delegate system which he can manipulate, while kalonzo wants a clear membership vote, which ofcourse he is bound to win!!
    by the way what's ur new address??

    shiroh...i concur, who does steadman poll?? ugandans or maybe armenians!!
    all in all raila is so envious of his own buddy kalonzo, am foreseeing a fallout!! yani he trails kalonzo in nyanza! of all places!! what a sore loser..

  • At Wednesday, April 05, 2006, Anonymous modesty said…

    who in the high seas gave kiuks the supreme mandate to rule this country?
    you and your fellow odm haters better get it in ya silly little minds that your time is up!
    wachana na RAILA! he is the special one!
    mta do?

  • At Wednesday, April 05, 2006, Anonymous sammie said…

    *bowing* Kritik, lemmi rant kidogo on yours.
    F.U Modesty! U think u are? U think Raila(lol at the ALIAR analogy) will lead you where. The stupid ass has no profile! Our roads are still as horrible as his face, His home Village is worse, Why does he stand in Langata and not his home constituency?
    F.U and your Raila. F.U and your tribalism. I bet we will be eating at the same place and will still be in the same bus (or train) going home this evening! You are the dimwits that we no longer want to entertain. What we need is a credible leader, not some so called "radical" with no sense of direction!
    *End rant here.*

    Kritik, am very much with you on the tribal issues. All our politicians love to play the tribal card, from appointments to cabinet, food distribution, hell, even mpaka for natural disasters. The best we can do, is to kick out all these sycophants, irrespective of tribe, gender or any other bias.
    All in all, pole for blogging on your blog, but this a-modest-hole has irked me.
    Incisive post, though.

  • At Thursday, April 06, 2006, Blogger kritik said…

    i aint gonna ans that androgynous wannabe newbie blogger...

    hi sammie, am glad you also see thro raila and his brigade of odm liars. they are just but powerhungry tribal buffs who have no idea what leadership is all about! shit is, we gonna vote tribally and be stuck with them, damn!

  • At Thursday, April 06, 2006, Blogger BlueSwift said…

    Hmmmm where do i start? Well you got the Ahenda part smack on. Maybe the worst (best??) sycophant in the 9th parliament.I pity the guys of Kasipul Kabondo.

    As for steadman, I guess success went to their heads and is begining to eat their brains, soon Homer Simpson would be a better deal. Or maybe the guy was talking of Kisii-Nyanza and not Luo-Nyanza.

    Kritik I think u r the ultimate railaphobe i have ever seen, anyway u have a right to ur opinion, keep it and express it by all means.
    Saitoti??? National leader?? The guy couldnt even influence his guys to vote for the referendum, just give me a break on that. MOI even told himm off to his face, maybe kyuks can vote him in but....

    Anyway, i could go on and on and on. Would wish to meet you one day and engage in some intelligent discourse.

  • At Friday, April 07, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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  • At Saturday, April 08, 2006, Blogger dangerously_shy said…

    Bwhehe, I see youve been "trolled" as well, good move on not answering, do not feed the trolls.

    What i know about kenyan politics could fill a thimble so ill leave my feeble thoughts out lol

    Have a nice weekend

  • At Monday, April 10, 2006, Blogger kritik said…

    well d-shy, i guess its wise not to ans that modest fool...
    politics is indeed a silly game. with time u will develop an interest.
    watch this space.

  • At Tuesday, April 11, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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  • At Tuesday, April 11, 2006, Blogger Abby said…

    I normally don't dabble in politics, but I found myself readin' this post to the end ... interesting ... this was funny, but insightful: "Kiuks neva sacrifice national ambitions at the altar of individual gain!" ha ha... I wish characters like Kituyi and Maathai had a fighting chance ...


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