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Monday, April 10, 2006



The more things change, the more they remain the same...
It has been said...
that raila cannot be trusted, that raila is powerhungry, that raila is out to wreck havoc in the kibaki adminstration, that raila is out to grab power via the back door...i could go on.
my point being as follows..

ecently, kalonzo musyoka was forced to come to terms with the real raila.
the two erstwhile comrades are on the verge of going their separate ways following the disagreement on how to nominate the ldp presidential candidate.
Raila is said to favour a delegate system while kalonzo favours a membership system.
For obvious reasons, Raila knows he cannot win the nomination were a membership system adopted. likewise, kalonzo is aware that he cannot win were a delegate system adopted.
therefore these two are likely to fallout and go their separate ways.
This will be end of ODM. The LDP will ofcourse survive with Raila in charge.

In as much as i rile at Agwambo, I must hasten to add that he indeed is
a "successful" politician. His sole goal has always been to achieve power and authority. Forget about all that bull crap of ati sijui to "serve my country"
As a politician , his only goal is to ascend to power and glory - the rest comes later.
he will use whatever means to achieve his ambition. No one can fault him for that, besides thats
why one gets into politics in the first place.
Poor Kalonzo, he has been fed with a falsebelief of his divine right to the presidency.
armed with a poll of some 2000 unknown fellas, he is suddenly behaving like the presidency was (not is..) his by birth right! he is in for a real shocker!
He is bound to be betrayed by raila.
It used to be said that former pres. moi was really notorious for
using and discarding people. But i think raila is by far the worst in this!! he is playing ruto, mudavadi and kalonzo in his devious schemes. once again his political shrewdity must be applauded. Yenyewe the guy has "IT" politically. And this is why many a politician are awed and irked by raila. His brand of politics is basically crude but effective!!!... yea...i hate to admit that.

alonzo had better bolt now while still under his supposed presidential illusion. Yani the dude is in to this steadman poll so much, that one would be forgiven for thinking he commissioned it!! Kenyans are tribal! all that crap of national outlook, bla bla just
but a ruse. deep down we will always vote "our man"
by the way, who said its bad to vote for a leader from one's tribe?
anyway, kalonzo's is just but a dream if not an illusion.
The reason i call it an illusion, is as i have put it before, tribe.
There is no use arguing, but we kenyans are tribal. Even if kalonzo marshals all the available kamba votes,he will amount to nothing as long he is unable to secure a sizeable chunk of votes
from the main tribes. This explains his many forays into rift valley lately.
Going by the current trends, what would the outcome be?
If he falls out with raila,he will lose the luo vote(and by extension, nyanza) ruto and moi will deny him the kalenjin (and by extension rift valley) vote western will definetly stand by mudavadi (kombo is basically a non-starter!!) hence he willmiss on the luhya (hence western) vote. let me not even delve into the kikuyu (and central) vote. its pretty obvious.

What options does kalonzo have?
In my opinion, he got only one.... to form his own party. he cannot join Narc-K or any other existing party. Sadly though, this will be the end of his presidential ambition, for he will be reduced to tribal chief!!
In the end, raila will have unwittingly facilitated Kibaki's re-election!! I guess his blind and selfish ambition will ultimately lead to the failure of ODM/LDP and to KIbaki's re-election.

I started by labeling raila. Let me back the labels with some observations..
Kibaki despite his shortcomings is actually a working leader. Look around and please not at the politics....
1.roads are being repaired. ( u go home in the evening, the jam as a result) 2.corrupt fat cats are being brought to book. 3.there are actually no sacred cows..remember murungaru, kiraitu, and now mullei. 4.kenyans are actually sharing in the wealth of the nation...kengen IPO, KCB/Uchumi rights issue. 5.the govt is listening to its people.....we all know dr mutua despite his goofs. everyday a minister or two is grilled by the media or a watchdog committee of some sort! 6.remember free primary education? 7.kenyans can now "mock" or "insult" their president and actually spend no single second in nyati or nyayo house!! 8.politico-hotheads i.e raila and his ilk can talk of coups, subversion, mercenaries etc with utter disdain and disregard of the law and walk free. 9.all wannabe tribal chiefs actually stake their claim to presidency with no fear or respect to the incumbent while elections are ages away. can actully sue the govt and win hence force the govt to rescind a decision!...remember alcoblow?? and now the contoversial ETRs?? 11.KBC is actually broadcasting any negative report on the govt!! 12.famine relief is being used for the correct purpose, not as an election bribe!! country in africa (and maybe the world) can boast of the freedoms (especially expression...hmmm blogging is evidence enough) we enjoy, thanx to our laid back president and political system!! 14.anybody can register whichever political party they chose...remember new kanu, odm, narc-k?? media...contestable? yes because of the standard fiasco, but in general our so called media practioners have never been this bold. i mean ,they are summoning govt officials at the flimfiest of excuses!! 16.finally the govt has been completing all those dead "whit elephants" Yani projects which stalled 20 years ago are being completed!!

Indeed there are lots of misdeeds and letdowns by kibaki's govt. But atleast there is some shred of evidence that actually his government is working!! only a fool can chose not to look at the whole picture.
I have never been a big fan of Kibaki neither am i a kibaki apologist or sycophant. Granted, the man has his flaws but he has and can deliver !
what makes raila and his ilk think that the odm brigade will suddenly transform this country's fortunes?
If they could not perform in their ministries, what makes them think they will be able to match or even better what kibaki has done?

I can boldly state that in the short period he has been in power, kibaki has achieved alot more than moi ever did in his 24 years!!!
The ODM is simply playing politics. they know that once kenyans begin to notice the little good things about kibaki's govt, then they are doomed!!


  • At Monday, April 10, 2006, Blogger BlueSwift said…

    Hmmm....intresting analysis, i realise the mellowing of ur attitude towards Raila, some objectivity displayed but still you can do better on that. Anyway let us investigate the Kibaki "achievements"
    1. I dont see any big difference ask Eastleigh guys they will tell you. BTW do we have a drainage system in Nairobi??? Remember last Friday. Mbagathi way "concreting" was initiated and supported by Raila.
    2. Dont remember any real fat cat being brought to book....just name a few.
    3. Simply sacrificial lambs (even MOI dropped Biwott on the Ouko issue), the real sacred cows are in state house
    4. KCB, KQ etc was also downloaded during MOI times.
    5. Let me not deny this...though i have my doubts.
    6. A definite yes, though some NARC milk would also help.
    7. That was taken care of by the IPPG.
    8. Again taken care of by the IPPG, though Ndolo would not agree with you on that. Remember the "Mama Lucy endelea na kazi" tune bla bla bla.
    10.We have also seen the most blatant abuse of the "Nolle prosequi" ever in the history of this country. Blantant denial of justice even when an assault is carried out live on national international T.V.
    11. Dont know, coz i dont watch KBC though i suspect they would have some "kind flavour" of the negative report, people guard their jobs bana.
    12. Uongo kabisa, remember the referendum fiasco. Not only famine relief, but also forest land and national parks.
    13.Nowadays noone would dare rattle the snake, hata standard wameogopa,the later editions of the standard ommited the Wanjigi story that was in the burnt editions. Thanks to the annonimity of the internet (NOT Kibs)we can blog freely.
    14. That is if it may serve to weaken the gava's political foes. Anyway it has always been easy to register a political party since the advent of multiparty. remember the FORD splits, NAK(from NAC to NAK to NARC), LDP etc
    15. This was brought about by IPPG...the standard fiasco, rattlesnakes....wachia tu hapo.
    16. Well, I'll give them that, but they are misusing Mutua (poor guy), reducing him to a mere errand boy.

    Has Kibaki achieved more than Moi did in 24 years?? Methinks thats just your opinion, a personal feeling. Give us something better to chew on. Cheers anyway.

  • At Monday, April 10, 2006, Blogger BlueSwift said…

    Sorry, had left out NO.9
    I wonder if thats a development or not.....nahh.

    And to add on NO.7 Reddykyulass and particularly Nyambane built his career out of "mocking" Moi, I wonder if they ever karibiad the doors of those infamous houses.

  • At Monday, April 10, 2006, Blogger Shiroh said…

    Blue Swift i hope you remember that Rome was not built in a day. Wiping out established systems can take a whole lot of time

    Anyway i feel Kritik, i said i i will not allow myself to sink into the misdeeds of the current administration. But i still have hope.

    It is the Railas of this world that will cause us havoc in this country.

    Kibaki is a blessed guy; survived a car crash and a stroke in succession

  • At Monday, April 10, 2006, Blogger kritik said…

    blueswift do you think raila and his ilk are the supposed "joshua" who will lead us into canaan? as much as u deny, there is a great deal of change. subtle, it may be but for sure, something is happening. Kibaki has surely outdone himself given the rather difficult situation politically, economically socially and healthwise. give the dude a break. and no i will neve go soft/objective on raila. My tone today was simply to facilitate a sober and objective take on the silent successes of Kibaki without the undue influence of political bias.

    i agree with u shiroh, i am (and neva will) not sucking up to kibaki. but we got to give due consideration to his achievements, especially given his rather sad and difficult ride to the presidency
    lakini when push comes to shove, i would rather have kibaki as opposed to raila. they say, better the devil u know than the angel u dont.

  • At Monday, April 10, 2006, Blogger BlueSwift said…

    kritik i never said that the ODM fellas are panacea to our problems as Kenyans. I just refuted your claims and again I challenge you prove me wrong with some hard facts, otherwise yours still remains an opinion (which you are perfectly entitled to hold and express).
    BTW does not agreeing or rather refuting your points mean I support the ODM guys?

  • At Monday, April 10, 2006, Blogger kritik said…

    it goes without saying. anyway blueswift, remember kibaki was an integral part (if not the driving force)
    of the IPPG. therefore most of what you claim to be as a result of IPPG can actually be traced back to the man. as for hard facts, you dont need to be a rocket scientist to discern these subtle changes that are taking place.deep down we all know that yenyewe kibaki has and can deliver.
    you being odm?? cant tell, but you do send out that vibe. afterall if you aint on either side, where do you belong? and dont throw that pacifist argument of being in the middle, it neva works in kenya....remember ultimately we kenyans seek political shelter based on tribe. what side? you tell me...

  • At Monday, April 10, 2006, Blogger BlueSwift said…

    You asy that you "have never been a big fan of Kibaki neither am i a kibaki apologist or sycophant" but why do I just get the feeling that you are one.
    But thats besides the point,IPPG was a smart move by Moi. Practically robbed us of a new constitution. Its a Moi achievement in that it happened during his tenure,but if you insist then Kibs robbed us of (or participated in robbing us)a new constitution. Just google ippg and see the results.
    If it doesn't take "a rocket scientist to discern these subtle changes that are taking place" neither does it take one to state them, so i still challenge you to do so, after all if they are happening who am i to deny the plain truth. If not then your assertion that "deep down we all know that yenyewe kibaki has and can deliver." still remains that, a feeling deep down.

    Well,as for my position let me reserve that for now coz i dont wanna engage in an argumentum ad hominem cicumstancial, which from the temper of your rejoinder is what this may result into. Cheers man.

  • At Tuesday, April 11, 2006, Blogger kritik said…

    i feel you. sad as it may be, we cannot concur on this one. true, ippg can be viewed as a "robbery" of sorts but atleast it leveled the playing field a tiny little bit. as for the proof, you seriously believe there has been no change whatsoever?

  • At Tuesday, April 11, 2006, Blogger BlueSwift said…

    Dont get me wrong, am not arguing with you. Just challenging you to back your strong assertions with solid facts, look and think harder man, you may be pleasantly surprised at what you will see.
    THe IPPG was a poor compromise, a master stroke from the erstwhile "proffessor of politics". It gave him a way out of a rock and a hard place kind of situation, but I wont deny that it levelled the playing field a li'l bit.
    My condolences to you for the passing away of your MP Mirugi Kariuki. And to the people of Marsabit and Moyale for losing all their legislators. To the families of the berieved and to the people of Kenya. May God give us strength and courage to pass through this trying moment.

  • At Tuesday, April 11, 2006, Blogger kritik said…

    thanx blueswift. i didnt know that i actually liked my mp this much. yani the cruel hand of death is what has brought to the fore my admiration of the man.

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