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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

ODM..the lies and intrigues

so raila reckons moi is his political contemporary!
Not one to be cowed easily, Moi told off raila by calling him a rumour monger..
"This country has experts in rumour mongering.
When did I meet him and where did the meeting take place?
I have not met President Kibaki," he said.

Moi’s remarks were in reaction to Raila’s allegations that he had met President Kibaki two weeks
ago and agreed to work for Kibaki in exchange for his security.

Raila accused President Kibaki of secretly engineering troubles in the Orange Democratic Movement assisted by Moi.
He said the former President was misleading Kanu chairman Uhuru Kenyatta.
Uhuru last week declared that Kanu would go it alone in the by-elections
and the 2007 general elections.
Last week, Raila told Moi to keep off politics, particularly ODM matters, as he had retired.
He then rambled on how the retired president is acting in cahoots with the current president
to scuttle ODM! What a lose mouth???
Moi also said that he would not be stopped from commenting on Kanu matters
since he is a life member.
I have always maintained that raila is simply power-hungry!!
His schemes and counter-schemes were bound to fail. Show the guy a different script, and he is
bound to react and fight you!!
listen to him quipping...
"Politics is a matter of scheming and retreating. We are ready to counter any scheme formed against the movement," he said.
what a sore loser!!!
Uhuru is suddenly being demonised for going against the "raila script"
Ultimately, ODM was bound to fail. No amount of political intrigues will save this paper tiger.

Ruto in his stupid element decided to go against his boss.
He cant be blamed for falling prey to raila's schemes. In any case, Ruto's presidential bid will come a cropper
for he is a non-starter! Raila might have though himself rather clever by hitting out at Mr Moi
and telling him to stop interfering in politics and be content with retirement.
This is the same Mr Odinga who is relying on Mr Ruto to deliver for him what was the Moi vote?
That might well turn to to be a fatal miscalculation.

Kalonzo Musyoka chose to play it safe in the unfolding saga.
The dude is still in dreamland what with the steadman polls rating him highly!
He is calling for dialogue with the retired president. For once his so called foundation

actually supplied relief food to some famine-stricken region.
But we all know that his is but a campaign gimmick.

In short is raila is but a liar and a user!!
Uhuru knows this, so does moi and indeed the country at large.


  • At Wednesday, May 24, 2006, Blogger Shiroh said…

    But as you can see Kibaki makes the difference and unlike Moi he doesnt respond to small talk like that of Raila.

    But i guess he knows they met and will use any information he has. His political schemes might never work again.

    So what with promising us a new constitution and never delivering it. I am starting to see having the new constitution would have been better.


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