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Thursday, May 18, 2006

UHURU & MOI and the demise of ODM...

Just who would have expected uhuru to pull the rug beneath ODM's feet???
well, I for one expected ODM to sambaratika. I have always maintained that ODM is just
but a paper tiger and moreso a tribal conglomeration.
Uhuru knew when to cut his losses and bolt. You see, Raila in his never-ending schemes,
counter-schemes, mipangos, porojos and other whatnots, had mooted a plot to upstage uhuru
from KANU's helm. His trojan horse??? you guessed it......RUTO!!!

He did forget one historical injustice which KANU has never forgotten - 2002.
Moi has never forgiven Raila for the humiliation visited upon KANU by NARC in 2002.
Granted, kanu and ldp did form a formidable outfit during the referendum, or did they?
MOi has always been lukewarm to the idea of another Kanu/ldp marriage.
His reservation this time round was grounded on the fact that kanu appeared to be the junior partner in ODM. More like a case of the hunter being hunted. Put otherwise, kanu was destined to be the bride!!!
Kanu has a gargantuam(?) ego. Moi could simply not stomach a scenario where kanu (or rather him) would not be calling the shots!!
Raila knew this and since he has a few scores to settle with Moi, he proceeded with his machinations.

huru meanwhile could not entertain a situation whereby his sec.gen - ruto, was being touted as a possible presidential contender hence at par with him politically!!
Poor ruto....he is just but a pawn in this complex upuzi!!!
Raila served ruto a dish of deceit. he offered him goodies beyond his ficke imagination.
He may have probably hinted at "RUTO TOSA!!" and just like a kid at the site of candy, ruto fell for it hook line and sinker!!!

As expected, the ldp brigade came out in force (rather forced out!!) to show solidarity.
Kamotho had the audacity to question Moi's mandate. Poor fellas...the boat is sinking!! grab your lifejackets!
or as murungi put it. "you will be devoured by crocodiles!"

Narc-k must be laughing in glee at the unfolding events.
Yenyewe for a new outfit, they sure have made an impact....
going by a recent poll, nark-k is supposedly second only to ldp in popularity.

pardon the digression...

Uhuru did the right thing. Politics is a dirty game where no captives are taken.
Given raila's penchant for stabbing one in the back, its no surprise therefore
that KANU should be wary of him. once bitten ,twice shy. KANU would be stupid
if they were to enter into any sort of pact with raila
( yea, raila = ldp = odm !!)
MOI understands this fully well and methinks he is waiting for his opportunity to
exact su-weeet revenge!!!!
But why is ldp not coming out with their guns balzing???
the answer to that is simply finances!!!!
Raila knows he cannot match KANU's war-chest.

The fact is , LDP needs Kanu more than kanu needs ldp.

LDP is built on euphoria whilst kanu has a solid grassroot network
plus a functioning economic secretariat- something which ldp desires....

UHURU evaluated his options and struck an educated decision.
why be the bride and yet he could be the groom???
Non of the so called ODM luminaries can mobilise even a quarter
of the finances at uhuru's disposal!!
so why play second fiddle in a field of supposed equals???

On this one, MOI and UHURU are right.
ODM is a non-starter. MOI and UHURU know its better to fight it out in their
trusted and time-tested behemoth that is KANU.

ODM ni bure kabisa!!
sample this observation by omar ali (kenya times)..........

The elusive unity of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) is already crumbling much earlier than most people had predicted and or expected. In understanding Kenyan politics, this division was bound to happen for various reasons mainly because of tribal and sectarian leaning politics that exist in the country. Not to be forgotten is the fact that most of the Movement’s luminaries are after personal and or individual leadership powers and prestige. They are not seeking to improve the welfare of Kenyans as they would want unsuspecting Kenyans to believe. They “are do-nothing” politicians, who only excellent when it comes to rhetoric statements and political theatrics. all those who have declared interests to vie for presidency through this group have done nothing other than their presidential ambitions’ declarations. No one has laid down or unveiled their development agenda, platform and or how they intend to go about in implementing them et al. Kalonzo Musyoka has just stated the obvious that ODM is doomed. The reason is not because all of them want to be presidents, but it is because of the power struggle within the group. Four political leaders within the Movement namely Musyoka and Raila Odinga both of Liberal Democratic Party and Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto from KANU will not support the other even after a fair nomination exercises within their respective political parties. Here is one political fact, there is no way that Kenyatta and Musyoka would let the other or others to be their presidential candidates in their respective political parties or groupings. And here is why. The Mwingi North MP now strongly believes that he is so popular in the country as result of two different polls conducted by Steadman Group such that he sees himself as the country’s next president. Although, the steady rise of Musyoka poll numbers is best known only to the pollster group because the man has done nothing to warrant such rise in numbers. But one thing is for sure, good looks or no good looks, the Mwingi lawmaker’s name will be on the presidential election ballot be it through LDP, ODM or any other political outfit. You can take that to the bank. The undisputed Luo leader and LDP strongman the Langa’ta legislator is unlikely to support his Mwingi North counterpart in an event Musyoka wins the LDP nomination contest. People don’t want to say it, but Raila would rather support Musalia Mudavadi should the former VP win the race which he has no chance of winning.
need i say more?????


  • At Thursday, May 18, 2006, Blogger AK said…

    u write with such passion!

    i think our politicians are given too much free advertising in the media and the net. yet they sit on their butts and only engage in ego wars. whether Uhuru or Raila, Ruto or whoever, hypocricy runs through all of them ama?

    I advocate more logic rather than blind emotions in analyzing our politics. hopefully one day we will be writing political issues rather than personalities. that is the only way out of the rigmarole!

  • At Thursday, May 18, 2006, Blogger Joseph Walking said…

    interesting write up ,tjough i have to disagree with some minor points.
    1.Moi doesnt call the shots in Kanu he simply guides and advices

    2.Kanu lost the elections in 2002 because people were tired of Kanu
    (the common misconception that raila played a part in kibaki wining and a kanu loss is a big joke) had raila and ldp gone there way kanu would have lost and kibaki would still have won.

    3Uhurus decision to go it alone is not news .everyone with there political eyes on the ground knows uhuru was never going to stick with odm. he has the money/ the networks /and the one million votes from rift valley(with the help of moi) why would he need odm

    4.william ruto:.william is a none starter. he is actually just a loud mouth who like odinga talks the talk but cant walk the walk- the real power behind the throne outside moi in kale politics is kanu vice chairman henry kosgey.ruto will have it rough to hold on as an mp should he ditch kanu

    5. some people seem to think that they can seperate uhuru from kanu and kanu from uhuru . remember what moi said kanu ina wenyewe(its owners)even the total man could not take control of the party how will.stinky willie of yk92 do it ?

    6.Having had his fair taste of brookside milk.uhuru knows mala when he sees mala .and odm is maziwa lala.well past its sell before date .ODM has nothing to offer kenyans apart from a daily banter of noise.kenyans need more than bobbing heads and talk of tsunamis and warning that amount to nothing .

    finally kanu brought the rift valley votes to odm what is odm without rift valley but a pack noise rabble rousers

  • At Monday, May 22, 2006, Blogger kritik said…

    well said joe...


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