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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Drug Money ???

The other day I had to endure a long queue at the nation centre.

My mission???

To get a piece of the pie that is the IPO frenzy gripping the nation(no pun intended) so addictively.

Whilst the queue was moving albeit at a slow pace, i pondered at the implications brought about by this sudden investo-bug...
For one, the amount of cash lying idly at the bank vaults has reduced drastically ginya banks are literary begging the masses out there to kamata mkopo wa salo!(sic)

Secondly, people have realised that indeed one can make a fortune instantly and waste another in equal measure.

Thirdly, and this is what irked my balls!!!!!

Raila and co had the balls to brand all those people trying to get a piece of the pie drug peddlers ! (obviously my intepretition of his shitty comments) The dude claimed ati the phenomenal growth registered at the stock-ex was financed by drug money!!! How dare he label kedu 300K new investors drug dealers?

pumbavu yeye!

Kwanza i bet he is one of the top investors at the bourse. Anyway as usual it was politics. With him its always siasa. Ata ukiambia raila ati leo kumenyesha, he will claim it hasn't!

I bet the day kenya strikes black gold, he will be in the states shouting his shit off about this or the other...anyway i guess by now people are beginning to get tired of his antics and theatrics.

Ali castigated him for making wild allegations which are founded on porojo...but it was expected. The dude always has to come up with something wild whenever he jets back to the country so as to ensure that he will grace the frontpage of the ODM STANDARD!( a topic for another day..i mean ata kama michuki raided SNG, the people huko kwa standard have really lost it. kila siku they wage a war with the govt. we all know you were raided!!! get over it!! stop being a mouthpiece for a section of the political class -- read ODM. You are losing your credibility very fast.) remember the minimum reforms debate that raila stoked when he jetted back with from wherever he came from??? I really pity his odm minions akina kajwang, oburu etc, who have to lay the groundwork before the big kahuna comes to town!!!
listen to them..."oh there is aplot to eliminate raila...blah, blah blah...."
bure kabisa!!!! Can"t they be men enough and set their own agendas?? Oh, i forgot. Kumbe they are in bunge courtesy of his highness the agwambo!!!! No wonder kalonzo throws tantrums akisikia ati The ODM defacto leader- hon raila odinga jetted blah blah bla...!!!!

No sane govt would want to harm a guy like Raira (to quote the newly reinstatated Energy waziri) He is just too noisy such that a shrewd leader like Kibaki will always ignore him to his chagrin! but ensure that he does his bit in complete harmony....give a dog his bone... As one columnist put it, people are tired of raila claiming his life is in danger every other day...the boy who cried wolf!
But why on earth would someone go to a foreign country and pour shit, bile and vitrol on his motherland???? hapo yenyewe raira missed the bus...lets see if the canadians will register in large number in kibera!

He is too radical to be prezzo ( this, he knows!)

He is too emotional. He cannot make critical decisions which though essential, might be unpopular.A strong leader knows when to appease his people and when to stand his ground even if it means pissing off the masses...just ask George dubya bush(bad example? yes, but it gets the point across!)

Populism has never turned round an economy,

Empty political rhetoric does not put food on the table.

Euphoria has never resulted in job opportunities for the youth.

political grandstanding kama ile ya kina ruto, kalonzo, uhuru et al...serves to disenfranchise

the electorate.

Upumbavu kama ule wa akina mutula ushindwe!

All in all msema kweli ni come 2007.


Fellow kenyans pamoja twendeni tukanunue shares!


  • At Thursday, November 16, 2006, Blogger alexcia said…

    atleast you wont be able to say you were not warned

  • At Thursday, November 16, 2006, Blogger kritik said…

    warned of what dear?...
    everything is as clear as daylight...

  • At Thursday, November 16, 2006, Blogger Shiroh said…

    You are back. I think this time Raila has come too much. Sayin Arturs are around is another different ball game.

    but joking with NSE and Economy is simply a reason to throw the stones at him.

    I was telling guys the other day that the only freedom you can give a mugikuyu is money..he won't fucking care what you do with anything else. NSE is a cashcow and thats what we care about as for now

    As for Standard, i think their financial eyes are very narrow. Like other Kenyan companies headed by people who don't think financially,,si we know them, it is focussing on the present. Do they know what will happen if there is a Kibaki win?
    They will lose and badly. They better style up. Standard has sunk to the lowest levels any newspaper can in Kenya. It has simply been bought by ODM.

  • At Thursday, November 16, 2006, Blogger 3N said…

    You know I have tried to figure out raila politically and this is all I can come up.

    He is like a girl who is runner-up for prom queen. Only in Raila's case the prom keeps being repeated and he keeps getting sloppy seconds.

    He is okay but will never be the man, he knows it everyone in the world knows it, now he just needs to shut the hell up.

  • At Tuesday, December 25, 2007, Blogger moses said…

    maze were u employed by the govt. to undertake some brainwashing thru this blog?...just wondering..

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