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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

MAD-A-RAK DAY...........patriotism growth rate= 5.8%

Followinng the magnificent(?) economic growth of a splendid 5.8%, the "owners of kenya" are singing and dancing in jubilation at the "good times"
The top cream of society who number slightly under 10% control 80% of the country wealth in all economic terms. The control 80% of real gdp, fake gdp, ghost gdp, national income etc...and all that shit we used to learn in those boring econ lectures at campo. the lecturer a very myopic kisii actually confessed to not understanding whatever crap he spewed out of his mouth.

Anyway, this mad-a-rak day, am constrained to admit that the patriotism levels for the kawaida kenyan are at par with the economic growth level - 5.8%!!!!!
Where does this growth rate grow anyway???
why doesn't it trickle down to the common(sic) jamaa ya mtaa?

the top 10% cant seem to understand the bottom 90%'s surprised surprise (remember JJ?).
for them, their wealth has indeed multipled by a factor of 5.8 !!! and not 5.8%
they can even afford to carry liquid millions in cheap bags!!
yani pesa zao ni mob hata pesa-point and indeed all ATMs cannot accomodate their
liquid cash needs....
They will then hug when they realise their errors and feign some fake excuse for carrying such auda-fuckingly-cious amounts of cash!!!
Had it been a common( define common anyway??) jamaa ya mtaa who had stumbled on the
bag, the weziwamiwa would no doubt have lynched him!!!

elsewhere the buffoons trumpeting the utopia growth rate are smiling all the way to the bank.
The will definitely plot to lie again next year.
shidwe hii pepo mbaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my fucking income has actually deflated..what with the inflation rate at 12 fucking percent!!!
halafu the baboon are busy trumpeting real growth!
iko wapi??

therefore this mad-a-rak day, go grab a beer and down 5.8% of it....
the rest wachia barman for it doesnt belong to you. the top 10% will sue you for drinking whats not yours!!!


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