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Thursday, January 11, 2007

2007 disections.....

Happy new year...?
I got nothin to say
politics sucks!
Our leaders suck..
Econet should be banned from kenya for trying to foil VTEL's entry intelecoms
kwendeni huko...I swear kenyans watawafanya vile walifanya castle breweries!!
kanu should be wiped off the map..
bure kabisa..
Narc-k Odm -K...?same script, same cast!
wakwende huko...
Bush and Blair...... these two deserve the hangman's noose!
Ethiopia...kudos to them! atleast they got the balls to do what had to be done.
Tuju...brilliant act you put on shooing off the pesky UNHCR busybodies... you have hoodwinked all of us...Keep it up and who knows, 5 more years?
Agwambo... its boring man everytime you say this and mean that!
Beth Mugo....mama tafadhali wachana na raira! he's not worth it.
Koigi...please shut up?
Ruto.. go to the library and read something on how not to run a government...leave the military out of your silly politicking!
Uhuru, ...stop crying.
Biwott...please retire.
Kombo....make up your mind
Ngilu....wacha kuruka ruka...yea we all know unataka kuingia ODM..spare us the theatrics!!
Michuki.....wacha kuongea sana, fanya kazi!
Saitoti...congrats dude!
Kimunya...stop teteaing your thieving friends at KENYA-Re! lakini congrats for finally shutting that bank!
the only civil servant who deserves a pay rise......John Gakuo.
Man its a pleasure to walk the streets of nairobi at night while shouting nonsense on the phone while high on muratina!!!!
The man has really changed the face of Nairobi..
nimeenda pwani!!


  • At Tuesday, February 20, 2007, Blogger Eric Frank said…

    Is there anything good going down in kenya right now. Seems like 007 going to be a lot worse than Bond.

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