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Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Aftermath

The crazy scenario we are in is not only depressing but bewildering.
I want to pose a few questions...
1. who really won the elections??
2. If H.E Hon Mwai Kibaki did win (which i believe he did!), why should he share power with anyone??
3. If Raila is not power-hungry as he claims, then why not swallow that bitter pill and accept the inevitable... He will never be the president of this country!!
4. Why all the noise over Kalonzo accepting the VEEP office? I mean, isn't every politician's ambition to ascend power and retain that power by any means (rigging, doctoring, bribing and any other adjective that the ODM comes up with!) If Raila was in Kalonzo's shoes, i bet he would have done the same.
5. What was The Hon Marende (Damn! we need such people in high office) doing all that time in that company of turncoats?? I must admit that Marende has done the honourable thing and put the country's interest first before the ODM's !!
6.What was Muite thinking?? Ati forming SPPG??? He is political reject and he should stay so!! There are no shotrcuts to leadership!
7.If ruto and his ilk think that the country will forget the atrocities committed in the rift, then they better think again! My family was uprooted and traumatised by hired goons masquarading as politico-hotheads. we will never forget.
8.Why wouldn't Kibaki call ODM's bluff and tell them off!!! Watado???
mass action?, economic boycott?? loot the empty shops in Kisumu?? bure kabisa

9. Finally, kudos to Martha Karua.... That ironlady has the balls of ten men!!! Karua keep it up!


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