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Thursday, April 27, 2006

MPs are just but thieves!!!!!!!

Parliament is indeed a house of thieves!!!
The (dis)honourable members blackmailed the govt into increasing
their mileage allowance by well over 100% !!
to add insult ot injury, they voted to backdate the mileage claims
to july 2005!!! this means that each (dis)honourable member will walk away
with close to Sh890,000 arrears, costing the country an initial Sh198 million.

All MPs used to get a flat rate of Sh247,000 for the first 350 kilometres and thereafter Sh82 for each additional kilometre.
Now they will receive from between Sh150 a kilometre.
This is blantant robbery and an insult to the people of Kenya! apparently
Finance minister Amos Kimunya at first offered to link MPs to the AA rates as a compromise but this was rejected.
He then refused to agree to their demands but flew out of the country for the United States ... and the deal was hurriedly sealed in his absence.

Why did the financial secretary (who is actually the accounting officer in the treasury and not the PS, contrary to what many think is the case)
accede to this blackmail?
Granted the govt was in a tight spot with regard to the supplementary estimates that it wanted approved by the house.
The money was meant to finance Government operations until the next Budget in June.
This is no reason for parliament to blackmail the govt.

At first the members boycotted sittings ostensibly to block passage of the "mini budget"
because it did not factor in revised CDF estimates!!!
they were demanding the CDF allocations to be tripled to about KES 21B from the the current KES 7B.
Other MPs said they were opposing the mini-Budget because of the inclusion of allowances of ministers and their assistants in the National Assembly kitty, some of their colleagues said they wanted the allowances increased.
What a load of crap!!!!
Kumbe all they wanted was a major revision of their mileage claims!!!
thieves!! thieves!!! thieves!!!! wezi hawa!! bure kabisa, pumbavu!! mavi ya kuku!!! hawa wezi!!! shindwe pepo mbaya!!!

yani they blackmailed the govt till On Tuesday, the Government shelved plans to pay ministerial allowances from the vote of the National Assembly.
It amended the Order Paper seeking to reassign Sh325.4 million from the Budget of the National Assembly to the Directorate of Personnel Management in the Office of the President.

yani hawa watu hawatosheki!!!!!
sample this...
Under their mileage allowance – renamed Vehicle Fixed Cost in December 2004 – each MP within a radius of 350 kilometres from Nairobi takes home Sh247,000. Nairobi MPs who were previously excluded from the mileage of Sh195,000 on the ground that they hardly travelled because their constituencies were in the city also benefited from the new deal. MPs' salaries and allowances amount to slightly more than Sh600,000 each month. They are also given Sh3.3 million as a car-purchase allowance, a mortgage of about Sh10 million, a medical allowance and now CDF where the least a constituency can receive is Sh26 million and the highest Sh43 million, depending on its population and poverty levels. The President gets a salary of Sh2 million, while Cabinet Ministers salaries are about Sh1 million after their responsibility and househelp allowances were increased to Sh250,000. Proposals to build constituency offices and give MPs Sh80,000 to hire staff were also on the pipeline!!!!

thieves thieves thieves!!!!! pumbavu nyinyi nyote!!

I sure hope when kimunya jets back home, he is not only going to
reverse what the blackmail, but make sure that this does not happen again!!!
Jeez!!! who is going to save our poor taxes from this house of thieves!!!!

Not content with robbing the mwananchi, Bunge had the temerity to castigate
Citizen radio and specifically one waweru mburu!!
Waweru simply highlighted the robbery that parliament is propagating against kenyans!!
yani these thieves are quick to gang-up whenever their interests (mostly financial) are
on stake!! they also gang up whenever anyone tries to highlight the ills committwed by them against kenyans!!!!

pumbavu nyinyi mavi ya kuku!!!!!!

With the ongoing interpol operation, MPs cars are being spared in the swoop!!!
Maaa ngai... they must be the luckiest pigs!!! remember "the animal farm" ????? Wote ni wezi na pumbavu!!!

Other characters like newbie kid AHENDA have taken to trivialising serious issues like the sexual offences bill!!! Huyu jamaa amechizi!!! Mnaona ubaya ya kutegemea Agwambo???
There was also an attempt to shelve the bill and instead discuss the CDF increment!!!
yani hawa wezi hawatosheki!!!!


shidwe pepo mbaya... to all members......PUMBAVU NYINYI!!!!!


speaking of wezi.....the above post is largely kazi ya wezi kutoka nation. so dont go blaming me!!!
am just pissed at the mps for the fucking shit they all are!!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

PAC REPORT ON ANGLO-FLEECING.....a disappointment

Parliament formally adopted the report of the watchdog Public Accounts Committee, giving the Government the green light to investigate key figures in the Administration and to implement a raft of recommendations within two months.

While this is indeed laudable, somehow I sense a deliberate attempt by PAC (and by extension ODM) to cast aspersions on the integrity of the president.
This may seem to be in defense of the president but "in doing so, MPs accepted that President Kibaki himself was fully aware of the affair because he was briefed by former anti-corruption czar John Githongo. And specifically, the House rubber-stamped for action the recommendation that the conduct of Vice-President Moody Awori should be investigated over the procurement of the Sh2.7 billion passports system from Anglo Leasing."
to quote The Nation.

Githongo did this country proud by exposing the endemic corruption especially in the sensitive security procurement sector. In the process though, he exposed the presidency. God forbid if he ever taped the president! That would be high treason!

Anyway that's besides the point.

Indeed all those implicated in the scam should face the full wrath of the law.
Mwiraria, Awori, Muthaura et al...should be prosecuted NOT investigated as per what the PAC recommended.
Talk of politicians being selfish!
No wonder the whole house adopted the entire report by acclamation.They Ofcourse knew that investigations in Kenya, always come a cropper.

The PAC in its findings also called for Kiraitu's investigation for attempted cover-up of the scandal. Poor fella! Kiraitu is one of the brightest brains this country has ever produced. It's a shame he allowed himself to be sucked into the corrupt system.
Isn't it ironic one Murangaru is actually missing from the list of those to be investigated?
A lucky one ,this man from Kieni!
The wider ramifications of this adoption is that the President will have to order his officers to appear before Pac and to give evidence before the committee on the 18 Anglo Leasing-type contracts because they are barred from appearing before the committee without his permission.
Our public service, and all its ineptitude?? I dont expect much from the officer. Given the fact
that some may have benefitted from the same scandals and many others in the past, we should not expect them to implicate themselves. They will protect their interests and those of their masters at all costs

The KACC is expected to "speed up" its investigations into the scandal and present its report.
What a load of crap!
"speed up"
in Kenya is equivalent to consulting, summoning, arraigning and other juicy terms that are meant to slow down the process, while giving a false impression of swift (in)action!!
I can proclaim that we will never get to the bottom of anglo-leasing and indeed all those so called "18 anglo-leasing type" contracts' scandals!!
Not in this term. probably after 2012! (yea thats right, after Kibaki's second term)
I began by questioning the insinuation by PAC that the president was privy and probably consented to the affair.
This is not only outrightly malicious, but its an affront on the integrity of the presidency and indeed of the people of kenya.
One cannot fail to notice a veiled attempt by Kanu ( and probably ODM) to settle political scores.

Therefore, all those who tried to rip us off, should be castrated and hanged (for lack of a worse punishment)
Those who tried to assist them in one way or the other yani akina awori, muthaura, kiraitu etc
should be prosecuted and barred from public offices in future!!
The politico-hotheads who are trying to reap maximum polical capital from this scandal,
akina uhuru, raila (in short odm) should fuck off to siberia or mars, for all i care!
Mwishoe, Githongo should come back home. His continued dalliance with western powers
smirks of unpatriotism!

Following last week's tragedy and the subsequent final rites, the political knives are being sharpened and readied for battle!
In as much as I have tried to find a shred of dignity in one Agwambo, I simply cannot.
He was the first to delve into the issue of the by-elections. Barely hours after the burials,
What does the dude do? he comes out with his usual crap on the supposed ODM/LDP strategy.
Anyway he is a politician. They never learn.
One thing he must note is that Nakuru will never elect any of his psycophants!!
I can bet my ass on this. Judging by the referendum results for Nakuru, ODM knows its
will never reign in Nakuru. Infact whoever wants to contest Nakuru's seat, had better allign himself with Kibaki.
Its pretty simple really, The majority of the electorate in Nakuru is basically KIUK... hate it, but thats a fact! Need I say more?

As for the other vacant seats, They will prove a testing ground for ODM's fickle unity. KANU is bound to be wounded and I doubt if LDP will not be tempted to field its psycophants in the four Nothern Kenya seats.
Their fallout might actually gift NARC which could concievably win a seat or two.
All in all the power is now in our hands.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

MIRUGI KARIUKI...the passing of a patriot

Fellow kenyans, allow me to mourn the passing of brilliant minds. Following the tragic accident on monday the 10th day of april, the country has lost several brilliant patriots. Chief among them is the internal security asst. minister and the member of parliament for Nakuru Town, Hon Mirugi Kariuki.
I come from Nakuru town and as such his passing is not only a grave national misfortune, but also a personal one. He was my area mp and my leader. Despite the shrply divide political field, Hon Mirugi proved to be a unifying pillar especially in the hotbed of kenyan politics that Nakuru is. The plebiscite outcome especially from Nakuru is proof enough of the deep regard and esteem that the people of nakuru held for their great leader. Mirugi is fondly loved by Nakuru people. He played a very significant role in the fight for justice, equality and human rights and was incarcerated by the Moi regime for this. We all remember the bearded lawyer in big spectacles defending one Koigi Wamwere (Subukia MP) when the latter was being terrorised by again the Moi regime. As an aspiring leader, i can say that i was very proud of my mp. Not many mps are regular contributors in parliament, Mirugi on the other hand was a regular contributor. His debating skills left no doubt that he was adept and good at his job. We all remember him taking on all and sundry on the popula NTV programme SHOWDOWN. His sober and eloquent arguments always left me mesmerised and proud to be represented by him. never was he mentioned in bad light. He never engaged in corrupt activities.
Hon MIRUGI KARIUKI....the people of NAKURU mourn thee.
You were our son and our leader....
May the Lord rest his soul in eternal peace...

Monday, April 10, 2006



The more things change, the more they remain the same...
It has been said...
that raila cannot be trusted, that raila is powerhungry, that raila is out to wreck havoc in the kibaki adminstration, that raila is out to grab power via the back door...i could go on.
my point being as follows..

ecently, kalonzo musyoka was forced to come to terms with the real raila.
the two erstwhile comrades are on the verge of going their separate ways following the disagreement on how to nominate the ldp presidential candidate.
Raila is said to favour a delegate system while kalonzo favours a membership system.
For obvious reasons, Raila knows he cannot win the nomination were a membership system adopted. likewise, kalonzo is aware that he cannot win were a delegate system adopted.
therefore these two are likely to fallout and go their separate ways.
This will be end of ODM. The LDP will ofcourse survive with Raila in charge.

In as much as i rile at Agwambo, I must hasten to add that he indeed is
a "successful" politician. His sole goal has always been to achieve power and authority. Forget about all that bull crap of ati sijui to "serve my country"
As a politician , his only goal is to ascend to power and glory - the rest comes later.
he will use whatever means to achieve his ambition. No one can fault him for that, besides thats
why one gets into politics in the first place.
Poor Kalonzo, he has been fed with a falsebelief of his divine right to the presidency.
armed with a poll of some 2000 unknown fellas, he is suddenly behaving like the presidency was (not is..) his by birth right! he is in for a real shocker!
He is bound to be betrayed by raila.
It used to be said that former pres. moi was really notorious for
using and discarding people. But i think raila is by far the worst in this!! he is playing ruto, mudavadi and kalonzo in his devious schemes. once again his political shrewdity must be applauded. Yenyewe the guy has "IT" politically. And this is why many a politician are awed and irked by raila. His brand of politics is basically crude but effective!!!... yea...i hate to admit that.

alonzo had better bolt now while still under his supposed presidential illusion. Yani the dude is in to this steadman poll so much, that one would be forgiven for thinking he commissioned it!! Kenyans are tribal! all that crap of national outlook, bla bla just
but a ruse. deep down we will always vote "our man"
by the way, who said its bad to vote for a leader from one's tribe?
anyway, kalonzo's is just but a dream if not an illusion.
The reason i call it an illusion, is as i have put it before, tribe.
There is no use arguing, but we kenyans are tribal. Even if kalonzo marshals all the available kamba votes,he will amount to nothing as long he is unable to secure a sizeable chunk of votes
from the main tribes. This explains his many forays into rift valley lately.
Going by the current trends, what would the outcome be?
If he falls out with raila,he will lose the luo vote(and by extension, nyanza) ruto and moi will deny him the kalenjin (and by extension rift valley) vote western will definetly stand by mudavadi (kombo is basically a non-starter!!) hence he willmiss on the luhya (hence western) vote. let me not even delve into the kikuyu (and central) vote. its pretty obvious.

What options does kalonzo have?
In my opinion, he got only one.... to form his own party. he cannot join Narc-K or any other existing party. Sadly though, this will be the end of his presidential ambition, for he will be reduced to tribal chief!!
In the end, raila will have unwittingly facilitated Kibaki's re-election!! I guess his blind and selfish ambition will ultimately lead to the failure of ODM/LDP and to KIbaki's re-election.

I started by labeling raila. Let me back the labels with some observations..
Kibaki despite his shortcomings is actually a working leader. Look around and please not at the politics....
1.roads are being repaired. ( u go home in the evening, the jam as a result) 2.corrupt fat cats are being brought to book. 3.there are actually no sacred cows..remember murungaru, kiraitu, and now mullei. 4.kenyans are actually sharing in the wealth of the nation...kengen IPO, KCB/Uchumi rights issue. 5.the govt is listening to its people.....we all know dr mutua despite his goofs. everyday a minister or two is grilled by the media or a watchdog committee of some sort! 6.remember free primary education? 7.kenyans can now "mock" or "insult" their president and actually spend no single second in nyati or nyayo house!! 8.politico-hotheads i.e raila and his ilk can talk of coups, subversion, mercenaries etc with utter disdain and disregard of the law and walk free. 9.all wannabe tribal chiefs actually stake their claim to presidency with no fear or respect to the incumbent while elections are ages away. can actully sue the govt and win hence force the govt to rescind a decision!...remember alcoblow?? and now the contoversial ETRs?? 11.KBC is actually broadcasting any negative report on the govt!! 12.famine relief is being used for the correct purpose, not as an election bribe!! country in africa (and maybe the world) can boast of the freedoms (especially expression...hmmm blogging is evidence enough) we enjoy, thanx to our laid back president and political system!! 14.anybody can register whichever political party they chose...remember new kanu, odm, narc-k?? media...contestable? yes because of the standard fiasco, but in general our so called media practioners have never been this bold. i mean ,they are summoning govt officials at the flimfiest of excuses!! 16.finally the govt has been completing all those dead "whit elephants" Yani projects which stalled 20 years ago are being completed!!

Indeed there are lots of misdeeds and letdowns by kibaki's govt. But atleast there is some shred of evidence that actually his government is working!! only a fool can chose not to look at the whole picture.
I have never been a big fan of Kibaki neither am i a kibaki apologist or sycophant. Granted, the man has his flaws but he has and can deliver !
what makes raila and his ilk think that the odm brigade will suddenly transform this country's fortunes?
If they could not perform in their ministries, what makes them think they will be able to match or even better what kibaki has done?

I can boldly state that in the short period he has been in power, kibaki has achieved alot more than moi ever did in his 24 years!!!
The ODM is simply playing politics. they know that once kenyans begin to notice the little good things about kibaki's govt, then they are doomed!!

Monday, April 03, 2006

the dogs of war...

Politicians are simply an amazing but rotten bunch!!!
I will start with the theatre of the absurd. One fidelis "kangumu" gumo
has joined the bandwagon!! he has declared for all and sundry that he will be
vieing for the presidency come 2007!! this is not only laughable,
but as unbankable and unreliable as the other wannabe contenders.....
u know the ruto, balala etc and their ilk?

why may i ask would a smoking gun like gumo decide to throw his hat in what is turning to
be a circus of the absurd?? all the same good luck to him.

As the say, in politics there are no permanent friends or enemies.
last week, steadman published yet again their opinion poll on likely prezzo candidates
for 2007. The poll caused some interesting reactions from differnt sections.
first and foremost, Agwambo. Yani Raila was so incesed at the poll, that as usual he dismissed it outrightly!! the sad bit is that LDP's blue eyed boy - kalonzo has been consistently polled as the favourite. Raila was at his element dismissing the poll as inconsequential. he even claimed ati kalonzo was simply ahead cos of his boyish looks!! what sore loser!
deep down, it galls raila on two fronts.

First is the fact that despite how much, he disparages kibaki, he will always be less appealling nationally as compared to kibaki. No need to argue this one out.

Secondly, a curious observation was that kalonzo is actually more popular and electable in NYANZA!!! Nyanza is supposed to be raila's bedrock and backyard!!!
Raila must have felt a "kiwaru" seeing that he is afterall human!!! I foresee a major fallout
within the LDP and ODM. I have expressed before that Raila is ODM/LDP!!!
nobody other than Raila calls the shots in ODM/LDP. And i dont think Raila will be foolish again and play kingmaker!!!
Hatasema "tosha" not unless its "tinga tosha!!"

Kalonzo is indeed a clever one. He chose to ignore the hullabaloo brought about by the poll. His minions lead by one daudi mwanzia however did the dirty work. they
proclaimed ati its their time to take charge!!! This will be the bunch that will propagate
the ODM/LDP fallout.

Poll or no poll, kenyans are ethnic and tribal and no matter how hard we try to hide it, 2007 is bound to be a bruising year!! I dont think ODM will last. They will fail to present
a single candidate and this might actually help propel kibaki back to state house.
Raila is aware of the imminent fallout and he actually said as much over the the way, when i say kenyans are tribal, better believe it.

or instance last week when out athletes jetted back from melbourne,
certain politicians were on hand to receive them. curiousy though, we extend tribe into our sports, for only kale and kikuyu mps were at the airport!!
there was ruto, betty tett, kamanda etc!!!
by the way, have you ever heard raila or kalonzo congratulate our athletes? they never do...
i bet if there were kamba medallists, kalonzo and his minions would have been at the airport!!!
same analogy applies to raila......
as for kiuks, u will neva spot a kikuyu mp in city stadium, kasarani or nyayo stadium whenever harambee stars is playing
Sunday, Raila tried to twist conjestina's loss to that american grandma.....nonetheless, the twist failed to acquire a political angle and raila eventually compared the loss to football and rigging.
i guess he was looking for an opportunity to blame kibaki!!
our country is just firking tribal!!!!! no need to bury our heads in the sand and pretend otherwise!!

Raila is still deeply engrossed and intrigued by Kibaki. On sunday while addressing his constituents in kibera, He had the balls ati to summon Kibaki as the MP for Othaya to Bunge, ostensibly to answer to the PAC allegations about his complicity in the anglo-leasing affair.
Raila must surely realise that Kibaki's mandate is divine and supreme!!we the people gave Kibaki that mandate. He should stop dragging the president's name in every little scheme he lays to further his loose political games!
granted Kibaki can do alot better, but i dont think when we elected him, we put a rider on his term and appointed raila and co. as the guardians of that mandate!!
so much for tinga.

Now, a new sycophant was elected to the house recently. One paddy ahenda, in his maiden speech to the august house, chose to play the tribal blame game. He blubbered on how ati minutes of the education ministry's meetings are written in kikuyu!! The guy actully doesnt know that we got a new minister, and he aint from central!!! this was ofcourse not to the benefit of the people of kasipul kabondo, rather it was to please his master - raila.
like a dog intent on pleasing its master, ahenda rambled on, dwelling on trivial
and petty issues much to the chagrin of the house but to the delight of raila and his odm brigade...
A new kid has indeed been baptised in the name of ODM!! shame on you ahenda!!

Elsewhere, ruto was in his element. First he dismissed the steadman poll as being unrepresentative of the true picture. Ironically, he then commended himself for finally making an appearance in the poll and promised to improve his ratings in the next one!!! what a load of bull crap!!
That was not the last of him, he was at it again, this time railing former president Moi. Moi has apparently constituted a council of advisers for the Kalenjin and greater rift valley community. Ruto was obvoiusly left out and this irked him. He dismissed the council as a tribal outfit (which it is anyway...). He then avered ati he is inclined nationally rather than regionally.

yea right, ruto??? national leader?? i dont think so!!!

here are some peolpe who should neva eva!! dream of leading this country. characters like ruto, mwenje,balala, gumo,kiraitu, ngilu, kombo etc
They might as well vie for the siberian presidency! they are simply unelectable and they dont
command considerable numbers!
The really credible candidates in my opinion are kibaki, kalonzo, uhuru, mudavadi and saitoti. they somehow appeal nationally and they do have the required numbers. I know one might dispute Uhuru. but other than Kibaki, the kiuks will vote uhuru to a man!!!
you see unlike raila who kills the political ambitions of some very brilliant luo leaders - read orengo, ochuodho and donde,
Kiuks neva sacrifice national ambitions at the altar of individual gain!

Despite his political clout Raila cannot muster a bankable and sizeable majority to foister his presidential ambitions. He is too radical and abrasive. he is bound to arouse antagonism. he knows this very well and thats why he has always been at the forefront of agitating
for a parliamentary system which would offer him the premiership. seize power by the backdoor...........

I therefore foresee a four way battle in 2007. KIbaki, raila, uhuru and kalonzo will definetly battle it out. As for mudavadi and saitoti, the jury
is out on whether they would actually contest!!